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    Landscape Pests: Fire Ants

    Last updated 12 months ago

    Fire ants are a small and highly aggressive species of ant. Fire ants in the United States were accidentally imported from South America around the year 1930, and have since invaded homes and landscapes across our continent. You will be able to identify a fire ant by its small size, reddish brown color and aggressive behavior. They prefer to live in dirt mounds that contain enormous numbers of ants. If their mound is disturbed, they will swarm and attack with painful stings that will cause pain and irritation for days. By applying a yearly fire ant control treatment to your yard, you can be sure that you will not have to encounter these painful landscape pests. 

    At Unlimited Landscaping, we provide assistance with unwanted landscape pests and a variety of other top quality landscaping services. To create a customized landscaping plan, contact our Buford location by calling (678) 374-4779. 

    The Importance of Spring Pre-Emergence Treatments

    Last updated 1 year ago

    Applying a spring pre-emergence treatment is one of the most important parts of your yearly lawn care. The pre-emergence treatment is specifically designed to prevent spring weeds from thriving. The treatment creates a protective barrier across the surface of the soil, which prevents weeds from growing. By applying a spring pre-emergence treatment, it will be easier to care for your lawn year round. To learn more about the importance of spring pre-emergence treatments, watch this short video clip.

    For more helpful spring lawn care advice, contact Unlimited Landscaping by calling (678) 374-4779. Our Buford landscaping experts will help you maintain a healthy, green lawn throughout the year. 

    4 Spring Lawn Care Tips for Healthy, Green Grass

    Last updated 1 year ago

    Spring is in the air, and now is the perfect time to get started on your seasonal lawn maintenance. Your spring lawn care routine should help repair the damage done during the cold winter months and prepare your lawn to be healthy and vibrant for the hotter season ahead. Here are four spring lawn care tips for healthy, green grass:

    Repair Problem Areas
    The first step to your spring lawn care routine is to take care of any problem areas that have emerged over the winter. Poor drainage can cause high or low spots to appear in the surface of your lawn, and these should be smoothed and leveled. In addition, check the soil beneath your lawn. If your lawn’s soil is too compacted or dense, you can loosen the soil with an aerating tool.

    Plant New Grass
    Spring is the perfect time to reseed areas of your lawn that have died off during the winter. Before you plant new grass, identify the underlying cause of the grass damage by testing, correcting, and aerating the soil beneath. Once the soil is ready for new grass, choose a seed variety that is suitable for your region. Be sure to water your new grass regularly!

    Fertilize Your Law
    To facilitate the growth of new grass, and ensure that your existing grass is vibrant and healthy, you should always fertilize your lawn in the spring. Choose a slow-release nitrogen fertilizer for the best results, as this will release a steady stream of nutrients without damaging the grass.

    Mow Carefully
    As your healthy lawn begins to grow, you will need to mow it regularly. Be sure to mow carefully, as mowing your lawn too short can damage your lawn and prevent healthy re-growth. For best results, mow your grass at the tallest recommended height, and never shorter than one inch.

    By following these spring lawn care tips, you will be on your way to a beautiful, healthy lawn. For help with your spring lawn maintenance, contact the landscaping professionals at Unlimited Landscaping of Buford, GA at (678) 374-4779.

    A Guide to Beneficial and Damaging Turf and Garden Insects

    Last updated 1 year ago

    The six-legged creatures that take up residence in our lawns and gardens have the potential to wreak havoc on our garden produce and the health of our lawn plants. With knowledge that can help you differentiate between harmful and beneficial insects and the proactive use of preventative pest control methods, however, you can keep your plants healthy without saturating your landscaping with pesticides and fungicides. To learn how to distinguish the good bugs from the bad bugs and achieve an ideal balance between the two, read on.

    Beetle larvae, or grubs, pose the most serious threat to lawns in northern Georgia. If you want to avoid having to deal with these pests later on, you still have time. Typically, these beetles come out in June, mate, and lay eggs that hatch in late summer. Without taking steps to prevent these eggs from hatching—or from being laid—you run the risk of dealing with a seriously damaging infestation that can quash the gardening and lawn care effort you make all summer.

    Worldwide, aphids cause more damage to agricultural crops than any other insect group. Unfortunately, Georgia is not immune to the ravenous wrath of these small-mouthed insects. To repel these pests from your lawn and garden vegetation, plant marigolds, sage, rosemary, thyme, coriander, and oregano in your garden.

    As far as insects are concerned, ladybugs are fairly easy on the eyes. They also love to eat aphids. Some lawn and garden stores sell live ladybugs that you can introduce into your backyard environment.

    Praying Mantises
    These historical elongated insects may have a resting posture that makes them appear to be praying, but in reality they are usually poised for preying—on the very insects that prey on your garden plants. Praying mantis eggs are also available for consumer purchase.

    Spring has already sprung, and the bug days of summer are not far off. If you would like to keep the hatching of plant-eating insect eggs on your North Georgia property to a minimum so that your lawn and garden can be both beautiful and productive, Unlimited Landscaping in Buford can help. To learn about our popular outdoor perimeter pest protection and residential landscape maintenance services, call (678) 374-4779. 

    What to Look for in a Professional Landscaping Firm

    Last updated 1 year ago

    Your backyard is your sanctuary, and you want to turn it into a place you can be proud of. Most of us did not study landscape architecture and have neither the time nor the energy to tackle a full-fledged landscaping project on our own. If you are looking for a qualified landscaper who can create and maintain the yard of your dreams on your property, prioritize the following qualities during your landscape service search.

    Full Range of Services
    From the initial design sketch to the laying of the last stone in your garden path, you want to hire a landscaping firm that is able to handle every detail of your project in-house. Look for a firm that offers irrigation services and tree and shrub care, in addition to landscape design and construction services.

    Accurate and Detailed Estimates
    When you call a landscaper for an initial consultation, observe his demeanor and the interest he takes in your project. You want someone with a knack for attention to detail, and the estimates you receive for the project you envision should be comprehensive and fair.

    Good Communication
    If you want to be satisfied with your landscaping experience, you want professionals who are timely, courteous, and responsive. They should be able to provide you with satisfactory answers to every question you have, and never take more than two business days to get back to you.

    The firm you work with should offer flexibility—not only in design, but also in relation to the timeline of your project and follow-up maintenance services. Consider, for example, that you want to carry out an ambitious design project that you cannot afford to pay for all at once. A customer satisfaction oriented landscaping firm would work with you to set up a multi-stage design plan, completing components of your project at different intervals over a period of several months or a couple of years so that your dreams can be realized.

    Are you a North Georgia resident who is looking for a well-established and reputable landscaping firm to help you with your dream project? Based in Buford, Unlimited Landscaping is committed to exceeding the expectations of the clients we serve throughout the Atlanta area. To speak with a member of our team, call (678) 374-4779. 

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